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15. 8. 2012

Notices and warnings

Do you understand the signs and notices in public areas? Check it out out...
19. 9. 2012

Telephoning across cultures

Are you scared of making calls in English? Then you could probably make use of our suggestions...
28. 7. 2012

Healthy Summer Traveling

As summer begins, many families are preparing for vacations. Each year millions of people travel abroad
25. 7. 2012

Murphy's work laws

Murphy's laws function in both our private and working lives. Look at some applying to the professional one.
14. 7. 2012

Spain given deadline to outline cuts

Government has until the end of the month to outline reforms as part of the terms of a ÂŁ79bn eurozone rescue package
4. 7. 2012


A saying is a "pithy expression of wisdom or truth", often humorous and funny. Check those we have brought to you.
27. 6. 2012

Presenting numbers

Some of us face the challenge of presenting numbers quite often. That is why we present some useful vocabulary.
13. 6. 2012


Have you got doubts whether to use 'of' or 'from' when speaking of certain materials? Then have a look at our hints.
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